Lite-IP Product Description

Lite-IP is a solution developed by Anvimur Telecomunicaciones for the point to point sending and receiving of an IPTV channel and is suitable for content sharing.



Lite-IP is ideal for operators to be able to share their local channels with other operators over the Internet in a simple and professional manner. Itis 100% compatible withTrue-IP Middleware.

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Lite-IP is store don a low cost mini-server with two Gb network boards.

Lite-IP P2P IP features

Lite-IP allows the operator to share an audio/video IP stream over the Internet or Local Networks.


Main Lite-IP features

  • Web management from any browser.
  • Supports input/output UDP/RTP protocols
  • Supports MPTS (Multi-Programme)input streams, SPTS output.
  • Lowen ergy consumption, typically 12V
  • Ethernet Network Interfaces 10/100/1000 Base-TX

Installation Scheme