Lemu-IP product description

Lemu-IP is a solution developed by Anvimur Telecomunicaciones esallowing operators to generate their own Local HD channel automatically from the library of recorded files on a server or on the other hand, from an audio video IP stream broadcasting live.


Lemu-IP is a generator of a professional Local IP HD Channel that is 100% compatible with the True-IP Middleware. It is ideal for OTT/IPTV solutions.

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Lemu-IP is installed over the ultra-fast Intel Xeon E3 professional chipset on Supermicro boards, with the possibility of utilizing different storage capacities per server.

Lemu-IP Local HD channel features

The Lemu-IP HD Local Channel generator, enables the operator to professionally and automatically create an informative, advertising or live channel in order to be offered on the subscribers’ viewing devices.


Main Lemu-IP features

  • Web management from any browser.
  • Supports multiple input codecsand guarantees a stable simultaneous H.264 y MPEG2 output.
  • Used UDP streaming protocol.
  • Allows for the selection of live or recorded sources.
  • Allows for the renaming of files, on/off file mode and loop broadcasting on the output grid.
  • Low energy consumption.
  • Ethernet 10/100/1000 Base-TX network interface; 10GBASE-T possibility.
  • Intelligent storage space analyser built-in Lemu-IP server.
  • Enables the uploading of recorded files from Web and FTP.
  • Allows output channel Codec, Bitrate and Resolution to be selected.

Real Lemu-IP operator environment

Web Enviroment Operator Access

Live or Recorded Local Channel File Sending Management


Installation scheme