Catch-up TV-IP Product Description

Catch-TV-IP is a solution developed by Anvimur Telecomunicaciones allowing for the automatic recording of a channel line-up broadcasted by True-IP Middleware , in order to be able to be reproduced on demand on the subscribers’ terminal devices.


Catch-upTV is a professional multi-channel IP video recorder which is 100% compatible with True-IPMiddleware; ideal for OTT/IPTV solutions.




Catch-upTV-IP is installed on an ultra-fast professional Intel Xeon E3 chipset on Supermicro boards, with the possibility of using different storage capacities per server.

Catch-upTV-IP Video Recorder features

Catch-up TV-IP Video Recorder enables the operator to select a channel line-up to be automaticallyrecorded in order to be offered on demand on their subscriber’s viewing devices.


Main Catch-upTV-IP features

  • Web management for the actual True-IP platform.
  • Automatic recording of channels by EPG information events.
  • Uses HLS protocol for streaming.
  • Intelligent erasing mode: identifies the older recordings and eliminates them to free up space for newer ones.
  • Thin 1U designin a Supermicro Server rack
  • Lowen ergy consumption.
  • Ethernet Network Interface 10/100/1000 Base-TX, 10GBASE-T possible
  • Intelligent storage analyser the disc.
  • Detailed information on daily recordings including a time-line for viewing the filed content.
  • Create image snaps of each recorded video event with EPG information.
  • Allows for video searches on the subscribers’ terminal devices by day, hour or event

A real Catch-up TV video demo on a subscriber’s Android device

This shows how a subscriber may access recorded content, carry out a search by date or specific event.

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Real Operator Environment Catch-upTV on True-IP Middleware


Installation Scheme