True-IP Middleware Description of the Product

True-IP is a solution developed by Anvimur Telecomunicaciones allowing operators to offer their traditional channels over IPTV / OTT format worldwide in a simple, intuitive way.


True-IP is a solution guaranteed and co-financed by the Spanish Government, providing a service to operators since 2013 in the Euro Zone. It is one of the most developed and reliable OTT/IPTV platforms on the current market.


True-IP Middleware Features

True-IP Middleware provides operators with a powerful tool for managing theirIPTV/ OTT television content, differentiating it from other competitors’ solutions by including by defect a multitude of value added options without additional costs or licences, giving the operators free reign to manage their own networks.


  • A single intuitive WEB platform for the management of all the content and subscribers.
  • True-IP allows for the insertion of the operator’s content to be sent simultaneously. over Multicast (IPTV) and Unicast (OTT) networks in the same environment
  • True-IP is able to generate channel programming order.
  • True-IP is able to generate different channel list offers.
  • True-IP is able to generate parental control for adult channels.
  • True-IP allows for EPG insertion or import it from anxmltv.file.
  • True-IP allows for the viewing of content over major browser platforms such as web de Windows, Linux, MacOS, plataformas Android, iOS, SmarTV y Receptores IP.
  • True-IP is able to assign several viewing devices to the same subscriber.
  • True-IP can automatically cancel customers’ subscriptions assigned by contract end date.
  • True-IP isable to send instantaneous messages to subscribers.
  • True-IP possesses a powerful built-in firewall to manage un-authorised access and attacks on the server.
  • True-IP incorporates auto-checking and auto-armed input and output streams.
  • True-IP possesses a channel viewer and tools to analyse the broadcast content.
  • True-IP provides an open API in order to be able to integrate third party billing and PPV payment systems.
  • True-IP is complemented by the CachupTVLemuIPSibuIPLiteIP.
  • True-IP allows content sharing among True-IP servers.
Your content available anywhere on any device at any time.

IPTV for GPON FTTx Operators

With the ever increasing Gigabit passive optical network roll-outs, content operators see a new approach to offering their products, maximizing the value of their assets in order to attract new subscribers and maintain the loyalty of existing ones by offering more services on the same infrastructure at increasingly competitive prices.


True-IP enables operators to distribute their IPTV content simply and professionally, thus achieving that investment is quickly amortized.

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OTT for Operators, Integrators and ISP’s

Operators and integrators are well aware of the way consumers view audio video content is not static and that they have to be able to provide their subscribers with the means to access content at anywhere and at any time on any device connected to Internet.


True-IP enables Operators and Integrators to distribute their television content Over The Top (OTT) with the vast majority of devices on the current market.

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